ANTIOXIDANT PLUS (60) (New Formulation)

ANTIOXIDANT PLUS (60) (New Formulation)


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Archturus Antioxidant Plus contains a blend of vitamin, minerals, and plant source antioxidant phytonutrients specially selected for their antioxidant properties. This includes vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium and zinc, all selected to provide maximum protection against oxidative stress.

There's an increasing number of research papers published on the benefits of plant-source antioxidants. They protect us against the damage caused by free radicals produced by pollution, food preservatives, heavy metals, ultra-violet radiation and stress. This all-natural super strength formula contains a synergistic combination of plant nutrients with proven antioxidant effect. It is ideal for city dwellers, those recovering from illness and for anyone wanting to protect themselves from the cellular damage brought about by today's environmental and lifestyle challenges.


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