Jentschura Wurzelkraft (Alkalife)

Jentschura Wurzelkraft (Alkalife)


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Jentschura Wurzelkraft® (Jentschura Alkalife®)

In a base of bee pollen, Jentschura Wurzelkraft® boosts 100 natural and organic ingredients all focused on providing an alkaline addition to both sweet and savoury dishes. The plant kingdom has been providing nutrient rich food sources, each with its unique active ingredients, for our consumption since the dawn of the human race and beyond. Jentschura Wurzelkraft® uses a combination nature’s finest plants to give a broad spectrum of macro and micro nutrients balanced to provide all the good stuff our bodies need. Being from a natural source the body can assimilate the nutrients it needs providing an omnimolecular approach to health, taking wholefood to a new level. It has no added sugar, is gluten and lactose free and suitable for vegans.

Jentschura Wurzelkraft® is certified organic and available as food granules.

Yield using 3 tablespoons per day:
165g lasts 2 ½ weeks
330g lasts 5 weeks
660g lasts 10 weeks

Use: Sprinkle Jentschura Wurzelkraft® food granules on your dish whether it be fruit salad, a smoothie, cereal or stews and soups. Jentschura Alkalife® has a pleasant and versatile flavour to suit many dishes sweet and savoury. Due to the natural and active ingredients in Wurzelkraft® it is advised not to heat the product over 45°C. It is best added to food after cooking. Use 3 – 6 tablespoons per day.

Gluten Free
Lactose Free
No Added Sugar
No Additives
Source of omega-3 fatty acids
High content of unsaturated fatty acids
Source of plant based proteins


Ingredients The whole diversity of nature

Fruits 25.8% (apple *, mango *, pineapple *, blueberry *, acerola *, orange *, cranberry *, blackberry *, apricot *, orange peel *, cranberries *, lemon peel *), flower pollen * 17%, pumpkin seeds * , Lupines *, sunflower seeds *, tigernuts *, sweet almonds *, herbs 4.8% (licorice root *, dandelion herb *, hops flowers *, buckwheat herb *, galanga root *, wild garlic *, nettle leaves *, psyllium *, lovage leaves *, rosemary leaves *, Thyme *, hymenoptera *, tarragon leaves *, eucalyptus leaves *, balm leaves *, horsetail *, yarrow *, grape leaves green *, artichoke herb *, basil *, savory *, watercress *, dill tips *, lemon verbena *, elderflower *, currant leaves *, lavender flowers *, Lime tree leaves *, lime blossom silver *, lungwort *, lemon balm *, orange leaves *, quenweed *, nettle herb *, blackberry leaves *, strawberry leaves *, raspberry leaves *, capuchin herb *, lemongrass *, corn hair *, major *, rose petals pink *, celeriac leaves *, centaury *, chervil leaves *), vegetables 2.8% (beetroot *, cabbage leaves *, lentils red *, carrots *, radish black *, zucchini *, asparagus *, chickpeas *, Beans *, broccoli *, horseradish root *, spinach *, onions *), buckwheat *, millet *, walnuts *, spices *, Jerusalem artichoke *, amaranth *, rosehips *, dill fruits *, pomegranate seeds *, pistachios *
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* Ingredient from organic farming (DE-ÖKO-064)


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