Jentschura 7×7 Alkaherb Teabags

Jentschura 7×7 Alkaherb Teabags


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Jentschura Alkaherb 7x7® Tea (Jentschura 7x7® KräuterTee)

With 49 natural and organic ingredients from Anise to Wild Thyme, the Alkaherb 7x7® tea is one of the most comprehensive teas you’ll find. Containing organic and wild herbs, seeds, spices, roots and blossoms, all these ingredients are aimed at not only tasting great and digesting easily, but ridding the body of acidity. Hot or cold, Jentschura Alkaherb 7x7® Tea is very palatable and helps you achieve a more alkaline balance in your diet. Also suitable in conjunction with any cleanse and detoxification program to help flush out toxins.

Jentschura Alkaherb 7x7® Tea is certified organic and available in loose tea or tea bags.


50 tea bags provide 25 litres

100 tea bags provide 50 litres.

Use: Add to boiling water and brew for 2-3 minutes. Use 2 tea bags per litre of water. For just a cup use 1 tea bag. Remove bag once brewed. Drink as much as you want through the day. Always ensure you drink enough water, 1 – 1.5 litres per day is generally recommended.


liquorice root, lemon balm, lemon peel, lovage herb, thyme, cinnamon, lemon grass, lovage root, wild thyme*, narrow-leaved plantain herb*, wine leaves, hyssop herb*, apple peel, fennel seed, lime tree flowers silver*, pulmonary*, marjoram herb, rose petals, rosemary leaves, rose hip shell, cumin, lavender flowers, celery leaves, anise, artichoke herb, vervain, strawberry leaves*, tarragon, eucalyptus leaves, elder tree flowers*, hop buds, currant leaves*, cardamom pods, caraway seed, dandelion leaves*, maté leaves, orange leaves, artichoke leaves, basil, stinging nettle leaves*, blackberry leaves*, dill seed, bilberries*, raspberry leaves*, coriander, ramson herb*, burnet-saxifraga*, summer savory, dill herb.

* Ingredient collected from the wild


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