BasenSchaue – Alkaline shower gel

BasenSchaue – Alkaline shower gel


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Dr. Jentschura’s BasenSchauer® – Natural Alkaline Body Care

Alkaline shower gel with minerals, herbal extracts, and camphor.
Alkaline pH-level 7.5
8 precious stones for high regenerative power
Healing properties with Aloe Vera
Essential oils
Skin compatibility also confirmed for sensitive skin with dermatological expertise
Certified natural cosmetic
Free of parabens, PEGs, paraffin, and silicones
Without synthetic colorings and fragrances
Great for athletes
BasenSchauer with a pH-level of 7.5 harmonizes, vitalizes, and refreshes the whole body. Moisturizing Aloe Vera, natural minerals, and essential oils cultivate the skin intensely and support all of its functions. Your skin feels velvety. The refreshing scent of selected oils treats your senses. Exquisite herbal extracts such as birch, Melissa leaves, as well as hop blossoms ensure a soothing and balanced skin.

This high-quality shower gel is energetically upgraded by Dr. Jentschura’s crystal stones from MeineBase. In addition, there is a small rock crystal in each bottle. It is considered one of the most important gemstones and brings clarity and vitality. According to Hildegard von Bingen, this healing stone stands for strength and endurance.

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